That's me! I'm a writer, plant eater, wife, and dog mom with a newfound love for adventure, travel, and trying new things. There was once a time when I just wanted to get a stable corporate job, buy a house, invest in the stock market, and cruise through life (no pun intended). I was all about living life the "right" way.

But... after nearly a decade in the corporate world, I was miserable and desperate for a change. Tired of playing it safe, I quit my job, started a business, sold a business, took up writing, learned to paddleboard, went skydiving, and decided to move on a boat. 

I consider myself to be a Jac(lyn) of many trades, but I'm most passionate about inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone - whether that means diving into a career pivot, trying something new, or embracing a major lifestyle change. I believe that we (women especially) are encouraged to play it safe way too often. And when we always choose stability, we miss out on the incredible adventures life has to offer.

So, here I am. Living on a boat, documenting life aboard, and keeping an eye out for my next adventure!



My first mate since July 5, 2008. I met Brian at a bar in San Francisco almost 10 years ago, and it's been a non-stop adventure ever since. Brian is funny, outgoing, and really, really cute. He's also super smart, compassionate and an amazing dog dad.

A bonafide water lover, Brian grew up sailing and surfing in southern California (shout out to the Oceanside Yacht Club and Laguna Beach High Surf Team!), and has never lived far from a body of water (he also spent time in Santa Barbara and Hawaii). Needless to say, living ON the water is a dream come true. 

We both work from home (Brian's in software sales), but when he's not at his desk, Brian's usually immersed in some sort of boat project. He's our mechanic, plumber, and electrician - all rolled into one.

Brian loves the freedom and adventure that comes with living a little outside the box. And being able to launch a kayak from the aft deck doesn't hurt either.


Indiana "Sea Dog" Jones

You can call him Indy. A true adventurer (just like his namesake), Indy loves exploring new places by land and by sea. This little guy hikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and is pretty sure he could captain our boat if we let him. He's also an avid fetch player, treat connoisseur, and expert snuggler. 

We adopted Indy from the Peninsula Humane Society back in 2010, but it feels like he's always been part of our family. He's probably about 9 years old, but he still acts like a puppy. It's adorable.




The Catalina Wine Mixer

Yep, this is where we live. The Catalina Wine Mixer is a 2001 46-foot Carver 444 Motor Yacht docked in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a small galley kitchen, a sizable salon (that means living room in yacht-speak), a sunny mid-deck and a fully enclosed fly bridge. She's basically perfect. 

We moved aboard in November 2017 and live here full time. It kind of feels like we're always on vacation. On a sunny day, you may spot us cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge or anchoring off Angel Island. The whole crew is excited about taking longer trips down the California coast this summer! Stay tuned.