How to Host a Housewarming Party in a Tiny Space


When we first moved aboard, we couldn’t wait to have all of our friends and family over. But, there was one tiny problem – our boat isn’t exactly spacious. We can fit about 10 people comfortably (although our record is 16!) so we had to get creative.


We ended up hosting several small parties onboard first, and then threw a big boat christening celebration once we were more settled. And it all worked out great!

If you’re new to tiny living (or just want to entertain in a small home) there's no reason to let size get in the way of a fun party. Here are my favorite fun, creative tips for hosting a housewarming party in a tiny space.

Tell Your Guests Not to Bring anything - and Mean it

When someone hears "housewarming party" they automatically think "housewarming gift." But, you barely have space for the things you already own - no need to add to the clutter! So, when you send out the invite, tell your guests that they don't need to bring any gifts - for real. Explain that because you're living in a small space, you're trying to be mindful about not filling it up with stuff. If a friend insists on bringing something, ask her to pick up an appetizer or a bottle of wine instead.

Consider Throwing Multiple Parties with Different Groups of Friends

If you have a large family or social circle, think about throwing a separate party for each group. This way, your guest list will be totally manageable, and you'll ensure that everyone at every party knows each other. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a small space with someone you don't really want to chat with 😉 Sure, it'll be a little more work for you, but each party will be way more fun (and way less crowded).  

Pre-Game at Your Place - Then Hit the Town

Instead of worrying about making a bunch of food (and finding somewhere to put it), consider hosting a brief happy hour at your new place and then hitting the bars or heading out to dinner. Your guests will be super excited to take a quick tour, mingle, and sip a glass of champagne - all before the tight quarters start to feel a little too tight!

Make it a Game Night

Instead of throwing a traditional party complete with fancy appetizers, drinks and mingling, try hosting a game night instead. Pick up some simple snacks and bottled drinks, set up a bunch of chairs or comfy pillows in your living room (or whatever the roomiest space in your home happens to be) and bust out your favorite trivia or board game. Everyone will be focused on the (friendly) competition and yummy treats – and not how tight the quarters are.


One of my favorite things about tiny living is the way it forces me to be more creative about my approach to everyday life. And, I have plenty of time to dream up innovative ways to throw parties because I’m not spending a lot of time maintaining a large home filled with stuff!