Why a BBQ Was an Essential Addition to Our Tiny Home


Our kitchen is small. Like, really small. I can stand in the center of the "room" and reach everything. We don't have an oven. Our stovetop doubles as a dish-drying rack and occasional blender holder. So, we have to get creative when it comes to cooking.


We've invested in a subscription food service and get healthy, yummy, plant-based meals delivered four days a week. It's been a life-saver. But, when we're fending for ourselves, it's nice to have the grill. It's helped us cut back on our takeout and keeps our freezer from filling up with frozen meals. Have I mentioned I don't like to cook?

So far, our go-to meals are grilled tofu (marinated in soy vay - yum!), grilled veggies, veggie burgers (I'm partial to Amy's Kitchen), kabobs, beanadillas (like a quesadilla but with vegetarian refried beans and guacamole), and dairy-free grilled cheese (I like Follow Your Heart).

Recipes coming soon!

Even better? The BBQ works whether we're on the dock or out at sea. And I can't wait to grill up some veggie dogs as we cruise the bay. Summer can't get here soon enough!