Our Favorite Summer 2019 Boating Memory


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I can’t believe that summer is already coming to an end. It went by way too quickly! But then again, doesn’t it always? Brian and I were lucky enough to take the boat (and our kayaks, paddleboards, and the dinghy) out for several spins around the bay this summer. And I’m already feeling nostalgic about it!

We had lots of awesome days out on the water, but one memory in particular really stands out. That’s probably because it was quite an adventure! And turned into our very first overnight spent on anchor.


Brian and I decided to take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend by spending the night at Angel Island, just off the coast of San Francisco. We tied off on the cans in Ayala Cove once before, so we felt pretty confident about doing it again. We stocked up on provisions, texted our families to let them know where we’d be (just in case), and off we went!



We had a lovely cruise over to Angel Island, but when we arrived, we quickly realized that all the mooring spaces were full. I’d held out hope that heading over on a Sunday night (instead of a Friday or Saturday) would guarantee us a spot, but no luck. Thankfully, we had a backup plan.



The San Francisco bay happens to have another beautiful island with a tranquil cove perfect for an overnighter. So, we pointed the boat toward the bay bridge and took off for Treasure Island. It turned into a bit of a bumpy ride (we came dangerously close to losing the dinghy and caught a fair amount of sea spray along the way) but when we turned the corner into Clipper Cove, the conditions were absolutely perfect.


There were only a handful of other boats in the cove, so we were able to drop anchor in a prime spot with an incredible view of the eastern span of the bay bridge. With the anchor holding, we killed the engines, turned on some fun music, popped open a couple of refreshing beverages and started prepping dinner.

We were treated to a lovely sunset only to be blown away by how gorgeous the bridge is at night. Barbequing a yummy meal under the light of this stunning landmark was the coolest. I couldn’t take my eyes off it!


Sleeping on anchor is always a bit nerve-wracking – even in good weather. But Brian, Indy and I all slept great! (We also set like four anchor alarms – just in case). We were thrilled to see that the anchor had held perfectly all night. There’s something truly magical about waking up in the middle of a beautiful bay. It’s incredibly peaceful.


We brewed a pot of coffee and soaked up the morning sunshine on the bow, watching curious seals pop their cute little heads up and brave, wetsuit-clad swimmers float by. After breakfast, we took the dinghy out for a little cruise, marveling at how lucky we are. I mean, the San Francisco bay is our backyard!

I can’t wait to spend another night on anchor soon – provided this lovely boating weather holds out just a bit longer. Either way, I’ll always cherish the memories of this adventure. I’m so grateful to have another fun-filled boating season in the books.

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