2019 So Far: We've Been Busy (But Not Boating)


Cliché as it sounds, time is flying by. I feel like this last Christmas was about a hundred years ago! We’ve been that busy in 2019. Not that I’m complaining; we had so much fun celebrating the holidays with our families. Then we got spend New Year’s in St. Croix with two of our favorite people. It was the perfect way to end 2018 and welcome 2019!


2019, You’ve Been Keeping us Busy!

(and not with fun boat trips, sadly)

I told myself that I’d blog about our adventures in St. Croix as soon as we got back. That was in January. I’ve also been keeping a list of all the fun boating stuff I wanted to blog about. But I haven’t written anything yet. I guess that’s just the kind of year I’m having so far.

St. Croix was beyond stunning! I’m still super excited to write about all of our adventures… eventually.

So, what have we been up to? Working a lot. Brian is loving his new(ish) job and my five or so gigs have been keeping me on my toes. (If you want to read the stuff I get paid to write, you can read my work on The Muse or Progressive.com!). Plus, I’m in a creative writing program and finally getting some traction on my first ever novel. It’s the hardest, most rewarding project I’ve ever attempted.

It’s also been so rainy here – which is mostly wonderful because California was really hurting for some rain. But the weather has also kept us from paddleboarding, kayaking, cruising, hiking, biking, surfing… you know just our favorite activities! So, I guess I haven’t been feeling super inspired to blog because we haven’t had many aquatic adventures so far.

We did spend a glorious week in Lake Tahoe, though. We played in piles of fresh, fluffy powder, went to dinner with great friends, and attempted to snowboard in a snowstorm. The last one wasn’t that fun. Turns out, there is such a thing as too much powder… and I got a little stuck. Indy got to join us on this trip which made me so very happy. He’d never seen snow before and was kind of indifferent to the whole experience. But I know he was happy to be with us, so it was well worth the trip.

The Catalina Wine Mixer hasn’t been completely stationary in 2019. We did manage to take her out for a spin twice this year! Once as part of our friend Mariella’s goodbye tour (she’s since moved to Amsterdam!) and another with my cousins and their cute kids – who were expertly steering the boat around the bay before the day was over. As always, we relished getting to share our love of cruising with our loved ones.

Hanging with the next generation of female boat captains!

Hanging with the next generation of female boat captains!

I don’t see work, school, or the weather letting up anytime soon, but I’m certainly looking forward to a break in the action. And I’m going to keep adding to my list of things I’d like to write about (eventually). I have a feeling that I’ll wake up one lazy Sunday and decide to spend most of the day on the flybridge, busting out a bunch of blogs. That’s usually how it happens.

Until then, we’re looking forward to another trip to Tahoe before the season is over, a long weekend in Hawaii with Brian’s parents, and (fingers crossed) a vacation in Mexico! We’re also hoping to get to Yosemite and Banff later this year. And, if we can sneak in a trip down the coast aboard the Catalina Wine Mixer, that would be a dream come true!

So far, it’s shaping up to be a splendid (albeit hectic!) year.

Happy 2019!

And In case you were wondering, Indy continues to live a life of luxury!

And In case you were wondering, Indy continues to live a life of luxury!

Jaclyn Westlake