Why Having Protection for Our Boat is So Important to Us


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As proud boat owners, Brian and I invest a lot of time, effort, and money into keeping our beautiful boat afloat. We hired a captain to teach us how to dock, steer, and navigate properly, we monitor tides and weather patterns, perform regular safety inspections and routine maintenance, and spend a fair amount of time swabbing the deck. But, even if we do everything right, there’s always a chance that something beyond our control can go wrong. That’s why getting insured was one of the first things we did after our offer was accepted. Now that we’re almost two years into boat ownership, we’ve found that the peace of mind that comes with having coverage is downright priceless. 

Here are our top three reasons why having protection for the boat is so very important to us. 

1. It Was a Big Investment

I had to write a lot of articles, and Brian had to sell a ton of software in order to afford such a big purchase (boats aren’t cheap – at least not the ones that are in good working condition). And while it was worth every penny, we’d be pretty devastated to see all that money go down the drain (or sink to the bottom of the bay) if something were to go wrong out on the water. So, knowing we’d be covered if something were to happen to the boat is a huge relief.


2. So Much Can Go Wrong

We try not to think about all the crazy things that can happen out on the water, but Brian and I are both keenly aware of the inherent risks that come with boating. It’s not always sunshine and calm seas out there. We could do serious damage to the engines if we run over debris (we’ve had a few close calls with plastic bags and rogue logs). We could run into a pylon, dock, or another boat when we’re pulling in or out of the slip. Another boat could crash into ours. The list goes on and on! Knowing that we have protection allows us to soak up the joys of cruising – and not dwell on all the scary what-ifs.


3. Peace of Mind is Priceless

Life is unpredictable. And so is boating! While we do our best to keep the boat in excellent condition and are careful to cruise around as safely as possible, we know we can’t control everything (we aren’t omnipotent – although, that would be awesome). So, we figure the next best thing to having unlimited cosmic powers is knowing that if something were to go wrong, we’re covered. And that’s a huge weight off our shoulders. It’s just one less thing to worry about.


Brian and I cherish every single day we get to spend on the water, which is why we do everything we can to protect our boat. And that includes investing in protection. I mean, what’s the point of owning a boat if you don’t feel safe and secure while you’re using it? 

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Stay safe out there!